Stephen Trueman becomes Senior Partner of Management Innovation

Stephen Trueman


At 18 years of age, I took a year off between school and University signing up for a work experience in IBM. Later on a mathematics degree at Oxford put me into the early eighties corporation boom, with graduates being snapped up and turned into mortgage owners and family men in the London commuter belt before they knew what hit them. So I escaped. Left for Italy, sun, passion and the good life.

In Italy I joined Olivetti, and through the eighties worked for other IT organizations, until my trip from companies to research began. I went crazy about expert systems and artificial intelligence. Was soon swept away from Rome to the now renowned research environment in Trento, where I was asked to run the funding and industrial liaison office. Half way through the Trento experience I moved from FBK to the University and continued my trip into the heart of the Italian University system.

In 2007, after a short period as research director in L’Aquila, I then took the position of director in Sapienza Innovazione. By late 2014 I had really understood where Innovation needed to go, as had the European Union with their Horizon 2020 programme, so I left Sapienza Innovazione with a range of projects and activities that I wanted to carry out.

Throughout 2014 I worked alongside Emilio Sassone Corsi, the CEO of Management Innovation building a strong understanding of company requirements. Recently I was approached by Emilio to join the team as Senior Partner. The possibility of working with top professionals in a dynamic and enjoyable environment. How could I refuse such an offer!