The Investment Committee

Since January 2018, following the crowdfunding operation, Management Innovation has provided itself with an Investment Committee in which it has involved the most important investors of the campaign with the aim of analysing in a collaborative manner the best investment initiatives to be carried out in the following months and years.
Following the second and third capital increases in the years 2019 and 2020, the Investment Committee has gradually expanded and 26 people now participate.

The Investment Committee is now made up of the following people (in alphabetical order):





Angelo Aliquò
Dario Boeris Frusca
Domenico Campi
Corrado Coffetti
Giacomo Filippo Corsini
Michele Cortese
Pierfrancesco Di Giuseppe
Ivano Greco
Franco Lenti
Francesco Limatola
Pasquale Longobardi
Michelangelo Massara
Francesco Miosi
Giovanni Moratti
Pierluigi Orlandi
Bruno Perra
Maurizio Riboni
Gabriele Salemi
Octavio Santalucia
Emilio Sassone Corsi
Lucio Sassone Corsi
Oscar Sommaggio
Edoardo Varacca Capello