Technology & Market Analysis for new product/service

Offering description

tech & market analysisBefore launching a new product or service, an in-depth research of the technology value and its market potential,
as well as competitive landscape, barriers to entry and any relevant legislation must be performed for a successful positioning.
Management Innovation can provide a full range of independent research, analysis and consultancy services, technical information, and insight into technologies and markets which are crucial to current and future business endeavours.
We explore and evaluate new technologies with multi-disciplinary analyses using a variety of sources like industry, university and lab research to provide evidence of its effectiveness including assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads, cost structure, commercial logic and comparison with alternative technologies.


NAUTILUS Methodology steps:

Client References

  • IES – Marketing plan to launch Helabor

  • Geosystems Group – Market/Product strategy

  • Axpo Italia – Energy Storage Technology

  • Skyres – BioBattery newco support