The Vision

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By studying the behavior of birds, scientists have discovered that they are able to distinguish the shape of a mountain, of a lake or a house independently of the angle of view.

Humans are not able to do this automatically: they need to observe the object from various angles and then to mentally rotate the image of the object to verify the form.

Birds harbor an “engine” in their brain that allows them to rotate images in an instant. In particular, since birds flying at a high altitude will look at things from above, they need to instantaneously locate their position and identify their trajectory. On the other hand, humans and all the other animals that live on earth have gradually lost this capability because they normally look at objects in an upright position and benefit from a top-bottom symmetry that birds do not have.

In the evolutionary history of mankind, it frequently happened that those brain functions, which are not considered the most useful, are lost to make space for new features considered more useful. Who among us would be able to perform a square root without the use of a calculator?

In a world increasingly focused on the need for short term results, on current actions, we often miss the long term big picture.

The risk is to lose those capabilities needed to conceive a strategic view.

Management Innovation helps its customers to devote proper attention to the medium and long term vision, strategic planning, product and process innovation, and the development of internal resources whilst encouraging the involvement of outside collaborations.

Management Innovation helps you to fly high and to look far.

Photograph by Gino Bucciol