Starting from 2015, Management Innovation, in its continuous activity of scouting for innovative technologies, also began to pursue objectives of entry into the capital by acquiring minority interests in the companies it was to set up. Following the capital increase carried out at the end of 2017, this shareholding acquisition activity was strongly accelerated and, through the work of the Investment Committee, it developed in a harmonious manner on various fronts.

Below are the Management Innovation shareholdings with the relative shareholdings and the prospects for each of them.


Company Name / Web Site

Main info

Founding partner in March 2015; the company acquired an exclusive patent from Harvard University and aims to industrialize the manufacturing process of organic flow batteries. Emilio Sassone Corsi was a member of the Board for the first three years. He left the board in August 2017. From March 2018 MAIN plans to sell its 4.94% stake in the company because it is not a strategic investment. The company is based in Trento.
Founding member in September 2016. Spin-off company of the University of Milan Bicocca. It has had two capital increases until, in July 2018, it reached a valuation of over 11M€. MAIN, through shareholders’ agreements, expresses the Managing Director (Emilio Sassone Corsi) and owns 5% of the company up to a valuation of 10M€. Today, therefore, MAIN has a slightly lower share of 4.44%. The company has acquired an important industrial development project in the Province of Trento and is now going on the market with its first products. In July 2018 it acquired the entire patent family from Milano Bicocca for a value of 1M€. The company is based in Rovereto (TN) and has research laboratories within the University of Milan Bicocca.
Company founded in 2016 in Prato; Management Innovation acquired 6.25% of the company in May 2018 and, together with other members of the Investment Committee, the share now reaches 15%. Bleb is in the world of the IOT with extremely innovative and patented products that allow a very rapid prototyping of automation systems. The Board of Directors of the company includes Lucio Sassone Corsi and Ivano Greco, members of the MAIN.
Company refounded in July 2018 by a previous existing company (named Crypt-Alarm). It is hosted at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and takes its cue from some algorithms, patented, invented by Proff. Luigi Accardi and Massimo Regoli, mathematicians and university professors. With the entry of Management Innovation and some members of the Investment Committee, who have acquired a total of 20%, the company is now managed by a Board of Directors in which Prof. Accardi is the President, Emilio Sassone Corsi the CEO, and there are three Directors: Massimo Regoli, Lucio Sassone Corsi and Giuseppe Civardi, the last two are members of the MAIN Investment Committee.
Company founded in February 2019 by Management Innovation (90%) and Mattia Barbarossa (10%), a very young aerospace technology scholar, already winner of numerous awards including one from the Indian Space Agency and one from the European Space Agency. The company was established in Naples but already has important relationships with companies and space agencies around the world. Mattia Barbarossa is the CEO and CTO of the company, Emilio Sassone Corsi is its President and Franco Limatola is a member of the Board.
Established in Geneva in April 2019 by Domenico Campi (former CERN manager and member of the MAIN Investment Committee), Gianfranco Bonzanigo, Edgardo Campane and Management Innovation (which has a 20% stake), MAIN International aims to internationalize MAIN’s activities and to connect with Swiss research institutes.
Founded in Milan on September 25, 2019, is a spin-off of the University of Milan Bicocca linked to the geotechnical research of Prof. Riccardo Castellanza, appointed President of the company. Among the partners are the company Sireg Geotech, already engaged for many years in the geotechnical sector, Ing. Andrea Pettinaroli, Proff. Giovanni Crosta and Claudio Di Prisco. MAIN, together with a club deal, holds 20% of the company and Dr. Bruno Perra, a member of the MAIN Investment Committee, has been appointed Managing Director of the company.
It is a spin-off of the University of Milan Bicocca, established in 2014, which, through the entry in the Management Innovation capital and the club deal linked to the Investment Committee, is relaunching the company by placing it at the center of innovation in the very important sector of bioplastics and biocomponents. The founding members are Proff. Danilo Porro, Paola Branduardi and Adele Sassella. Dr. Emilio Sassone Corsi has been appointed CEO of the company.
Energain Srl has developed a truly unique and complete integrated system for the production and storage of clean and sustainable energy for homes and condominiums. The many antennas on the territory that Management Innovation has made us meet this magnificent Italian reality. Management Innovation entered the company’s capital together with the Club Deal made up of the members of the Investment Committee. Michelangelo Massara, a member of the Committee, joined the Board of Directors.