Building Tomorrow.
 Instructions on an intangible future

Published on n. 22 of Management Innovation Quarterly Newsletter

In 1936 Charlie Chaplin made his Well known protest film “Modern Times”, a social criticism in which a metalworker, exhausted by the hectic pace and obsessively repetitive assembly line, ended up losing the mind. Although similar conditions still exist, the percentage of people who work in these conditions has been reduced largely due to the beneficial effects of  automation and intelligent robots specialized for all these activities. In addition to this increasing pervasiveness of artificial intelligence in the production processes, technology is modifying the supply chains in the interest of the consumer.

Examples abound, from Uber to Airbnb through Cocontest and Booking. How the markets will be  structured in the future  depends largely on the policies we will adopt about competition.

Today competition in the web is generally FOR the market, not IN the market: you compete to define and conquer the niches, on a global scale, not to compete for existing niches for those who dominate them.


Costruire il domani - Quintarelli

Building tomorrow is a book that presents the causes that underlie the dynamics previously mentioned. It illustrates the ingredients of intangible transformation of the economy and society, proposing a reflection on what might happen in the future in different vertical industries.

It depends only on us if we are able to capture and maximize the positive aspects of digital transformation, the intangible revolution and if we can mitigate the potential downsides.

As the transition will be long and perilous also it depends on policy. But current institutions are not structured properly.

For this the volume concludes with a proposal for institutional interventions to put ourselves in a position to better face the challenges, not to build the distant future, but to build tomorrow.