The harmonic development 
of Management Innovation

Published on Management Innovation Newsletter n. 23

Established in 2008, today Manage-ment Innovation is in a harmonic development of its activities involving an increase in its team, a geographical presence at a national level and the continual development of new innovation projects.
All of this is supported by the particular attention that the media is showing towards our company.
The entry of Angelo Giuliana and Luigi Passariello as new senior partners will allow us to achieve new important results.


My professional activity has been in leading companies in the ICT sector and has bene dedicated to the creation of innovative solutions.
For this reason I accepted with enthusiasm Emilio’s proposal to give my con-tribution to the interesting initiative that Management Innovation is building.
I feel honored to be able to collaborate with a team of people brought together by a common vision: to innovate, or transform creativity in solutions that improve our perception of the world. Personally I have adopted this phrase: “the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do” (Steve Jobs).



My University studies in Experimental Physics have characterized my working activity in the search for challenges with a connotation of experimentation and innovation. In the last few years as IT manager I have dedicated more of my time to R&D projects, which for me has been a return to the early years. It was one of these projects which gave me the opportunity to meet Emilio and I let myself be overcome by his enthusiasm in always taking on new challenges and turning them into oppor-tunities.
Management Innovation and Emilio give me the possibility to throw my heart beyond the obstacle and the risk making those choices that are typical of those that wish to innovate.