MAIN establishes a subsidiary abroad

During the first months of 2019 MAIN INTERNATIONAL will be established. It will be MAIN’s first foreign branch with headquarters in Geneva.

After more than 35 years spent at CERN dealing with projects of various nature and complexity, including the construction of the superconducting magnet of the CMS experiment and the creation of a company active in the field of Onlogic Adrotherapy with particle accelerators, I will devote myself almost exclusively to MAIN INTERNATIONAL.
I have had this project in mind for some time in order to give value to the experiences and relationships built in over 40 years of activity, but it has become concrete after meeting Emilio Sassone Corsi.
MAIN, of which I immediately became a partner, represents the model and the size of investment and support for innovative companies to which I have always thought, with the addition of a well-established experience, a very interesting set of holding companies and above all, through its Investment Committee, a plurality of skills and relationships of enormous value for a rising company.

On October 12th 2018 Domenico Campi was honoured with the title of Genoa Ambassador for the World. To bestow the title, the President of the Italian Senate Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and the Major of Genoa Marco Bucci

MAIN INTERNATIONAL’s activity tracks will be essentially two:
giving value and representing the companies in the MAIN portfolio also through the signing of cooperation agreements in the industrial and diplomatic field for the internationalization of innovative Italian companies.
Identifying opportunities within the scope of international research institutions to be supported with seed capital investments and involvement in operational management.
I will be joined by active partners in the world of Italian-Swiss Entrepreneurship and Finance as well as some experts from the world of diplomacy and international research.
A series of interesting agreements have already appeared on the horizon and will be implemented in the immediate future after the establishment of the branch.
The MAIN Investment Committee will be the basis on which the proposals and the examination of MAIN INTERNATIONAL’s objectives will rest.
If you are interested in learning more or would like to participate, not only financially, in this project it is possible to contact Emilio or write directly to me.


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