Management Innovation increases capital

As announced in n. 30 and 31 of the MAIN Newsletter is in the process of capital increase.

Starting from a valuation of 2.3 M€ it is acquiring, first of all from the current partners and then from potential other investors, a capital of 400K€.  The capital increase will end on January 31.

Management Innovation Srl is an Innovative SME (see Chamber of Commerce) and any investor has the possibility to have a tax relief of 30% of the investment itself.

Here you can read the minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting of last November 8.  The first month of the increase was reserved for the current members, over 150, of which 11 are members of the Investment Committee.  Through this capital increase the members of the Investment Committee rise to 20 and each holds at least 1% of the value of the company, having invested at least 26K€ in the company itself.

For all those who wish to invest in Management Innovation Srl, it is possible to do so by transferring the amount desired to the following bank account.  If the amount is less than 26K€, you get the qualification of category member “B”; for those interested in becoming category member “A” you must contact the Sole Administrator Dr. Emilio Sassone Corsi.

For those interested in becoming a member:

bank account in the name of Management Innovation Srl

IBAN : EN16 I051 0439 100C C018 0522 084

Branch office: Frascati (Rome)

Causal: “NAME SURNAME – payment for capital increase as per Minutes of November 8, 2018”

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