Innovation Management Methodology: a new course at Roma Tor Vergata University

A full-immersion course held on 9, 10 and 24 May 

The third year of the course in Innovation Management Methodology: Theory & Practice, which takes place within the Master in Business Administration of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, is starting now.

This year the course is organized on three full-immersion days on 9, 10 and 24 May.

This logistic solution has been adopted to favor the frequency by companies interested in having their employees specifically involved in innovation management participate.

Innovation management topics are increasingly present in companies and this course aims to provide an update on the main methods used to be effective in managing innovation processes. Doing this within a university course, attended by students from all over the world, is extremely stimulating. It is in the interweaving of different stories and skills that new ideas, abilities and innovative developments can emerge!

This is what we are doing through these courses that are quite unusual.

The course will take place over 24 hours divided in six four-hour modules. There will be a theoretical part that will refer to the NAUTILUS® methodology and to all the tools that are connected with it followed by a practical part where Case Studies will be developed in which the acquired methods are put into practice.

There will be testimonials from companies that will present their cases. At the end of the course the floor will be given to the students who, divided in groups, will present in turn their own Case Studies.

For more information and participation rules: click here.

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