Internet of Things with Bleb Technology


Management Innovation, as part of its investment development strategy, has selected Bleb Technology as one of the most innovative companies in the field of Internet of Things.
It has invested a share of 12%, together with a group of four members of MAIN’s Investment Committee (Alessandro Bortolani, Ivano Greco, Pierluigi Orlandi and Guido Salemi).
They have joined Bleb Technology’s Board of Directors, in addition to Fabrizio Innocenti, founder and CEO, Ivano Greco and Lucio Sassone Corsi.

Bleb is an innovative startup founded in Prato by Fabrizio Innocenti, an electronic engineer and entrepreneur in the IOT sector with a strong industry experience behind him, that was accompanied in his first steps by OpenSeed srl (a Tuscany investment vehicle) and Ivano Greco, a shareholder of Management Innovation and a Business Angel of the BAN Firenze group.

The startup develops an enabling technology platform, consisting of intelligent assembling bricks (Lego-Like), which allow the realization of new IOT and wearable devices. Thanks to the proprietary technology developed, it is possible to realize customized prototypes in few minutes and industrialize the device in less than a month, without the need for technical skills or software programming.


The technology is protected by two pending patents at the Italian and international level.

The first MVP – minimum viable product that the startup will bring to the market during the 2018 summer is the BLE-Beacon (BLE-B), a “Super” Beacon that in addition to the basic functionalities of commercial beacons such as Eddystone® and I-Beacon® integrates 4 important features that open new application scenarios:

1) Unlimited Connections: the devices on the market, even the most recent ones that use Bluetooth 5.0 have a limit in the number of simultaneous connections (typically up to 7). With BLE-Beacon this limit is overcome, allowing a potentially infinite number of devices to exchange data simultaneously with the central host (i.e. Smartphone) without weighing down the application.

2) Direct Interactions: the BLE-B can be configured to detect particular events and exchange commands and actions with an arbitrary number of BLE-B. For example, by detecting an action/status on a BLE-B (i.e. button pressed, temperature exceeded, etc.) it is possible to send a command to one or a group of BLE-B to activate actions (i.e. turn on LED, enable I/O, RELE etc).


3) B-LE 5.0 Ready: the 5.0 version of Bluetooth, still not very common in competitive products, has three advantages on the previous version: 

  • Extended advertising: it exceeds the limit of 32 + 32 maximum transmissible bytes with an advertising package

  • Extended range: by implementing the LE function it is possible to use Bluetooth to communicate up to hundreds of meters away versus the 10 meters of the BLE4.2 (available in the BLE-B/LE version)

  • Extended band: by implementing the 2M function it is possible to use a 2Mbit transmission band versus the 1Mbit of the BLE4.2 (available in the BLE-B/2M version)

4) Auxiliary devices: universal magnetic support, bracelet, key ring and screw fixing.

What other applications will derive from these new features of the BLE-B? We are already working on logistics and warehouse, tracking of products, retail, child safety, smart lighting and many other applications coming soon!

The world of IOT applications, through Bleb Technology’s products, will undergo a further extraordinary acceleration!

You just have to give space to creativity!!

foto di gruppo dopo la riunioe dal notaio

Group photo after MAIN’s entry into the capital of Bleb Technology.
From left: Emilio Sassone Corsi, Ivano Greco, Fabrizio Innocenti, Lorenzo Ferrara (OpenSeed)

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