Crypt Security is an innovative SME established at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and operates in the market of Digital Security.

The founding member is Luigi Accardi, Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Director of the “Vito Volterra” Interdepartmental Center.

The other founding member also involved in the research and development activities is Massimo Regoli, researcher at the University of Tor Vergata and professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering.

Since the transformation of the company from the previous name (Crypt ALaRM) to the current one, which took place in June 2018, Prof. Accardi and Regoli have been joined by the Management Innovation team and in particular by Emilio Sassone Corsi, who became Chief Executive Officer and his brother Lucio, a member of the Board of Directors. Some other members of the MAIN Investment Committee also invested in the company and Giuseppe Civardi joined the Board of Directors.

Thanks to the close collaboration between research activities and interest in the market, Crypt Security has gained high-level expertise in the design and implementation of:

  • Cryptographic identification algorithms, key exchange, encryption and digital signature;

  • Security systems;

  • End-to-end cryptographic solutions;

  • Consulting activities on issues of security, probabilistic and applied statistics;

  • Education on security issues.

The strength of Crypt Security is given by the set of cryptographic algorithms designed and patented that differ from traditional and standard ones in terms of flexibility, speed and security. The continuous basic and applied mathematical research has allowed Crypt Security to develop innovative algorithms based on the application of new mathematical principles.

Using the QP-Crypt algorithm schemes it is possible to construct infinite new algorithms, able to respond to the most extreme needs, constituted by secret and proprietary algorithms for the needs of Defense and National Security.

The complete control of the mathematical structure allows Crypt Security to design and optimize its solutions and algorithms according to specific requirements of inviolability, hardware and technological environment available and desired performance.

This setting allows to create customized algorithms for a personalized security management of any organization, which would not be possible using standard algorithms and pre-packaged products.

The solutions are therefore completely scalable and adaptable to the needs of organizations of all sizes and complexities.

Starting from its asset of cryptographic algorithms, Crypt Security has realized over the years various company security products that will be marketed soon.

In particular, Crypt Security is able to offer the following solutions:

  • CSEC SecureEmail: for the secure transmission of digitally signed and encrypted e-mails;

  • CSEC SecureCloud: for the secure management of documents on Cloud, including those from third parties;

  • CSEC FileCipher: for the encryption of files of any kind;

  • CSEC StreamCipher: for the tunneling of encrypted data streams;

  • CSEC ProximityIdentification: for proximity identification;

  • CSEC KeyServer: for the centralized management of cryptographic keys.


Last July, Management Innovation and some members of the Investment Committee joined the corporate structure of Crypt Security, acquiring 20% of the company and appointing Emilio Sassone Corsi as the new CEO.

Over the next few months, with the help of BizPlace and Crowdfundme, a major capital increase will be carried out bringing the company’s value from € 2.2 to € 2.750 million.

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