MAIN evaluation: 5M€ – from chrysalis to butterfly

I started in early 2018 with a first crowdfunding capital increase operation that, based on the stakes in Green Energy Storage and Glass to Power, gave Management Innovation the opportunity to exhibit a 1M€ valuation.  

With the first 300K€ raised and subsequent capital increases made in private placement, we managed to build a small but interesting ecosystem of companies, all focused on Innovation and Sustainability, consisting today of as many as fifteen companies, each of which is a benchmark in its market segment. 

Some updates of these extraordinary adventures are recounted in the following pages of this MAIN Newsletter. 

The time has come to take flight!
We have decided to do a new capital increase, once again by crowdfunding, aiming for a
pre-money valuation of 5 Million Euros. That’s how much the current holdings of the holding company Management Innovation are worth.  This will serve to stabilize the value of MAIN, enable the necessary financial support for the investees, and plan for new developments.We intend to ally ourselves with the Impatta Group, led by Pierluigi Sassi, who honors us by being President of MAIN and simultaneously of the Impatta Group. This will strengthen the ability to develop the market and make exits from mature entities to make appropriate scaleups. MAIN’s current shareholders will be able to participate in the capital increase right away. Crowdfunding, which is open to all possible new investors, will be active on the OpStart platform from September 15 to November 15!  

Hurry up and invest!!!

Emilio Sassone Corsi 
Senior Partner & CEO
Management Innovation

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