ENERGAIN: The new hybrid solar panel will have 70% 
more energy efficiency and 
a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions

Energain has been committed for years in the sector of design, development, construction and installation of hybrid solar panels (PVT), i.e. unique solar panels capable of simultaneously producing electricity and hot water.

The model marketed up to now, SolarOne basic, will soon be joined/replaced by SolarOne Pro, currently undergoing ICIM certification.

Energain’s proposal includes the entire energy efficiency ecosystem: low depth geothermal probes and wall or ceiling radiant panels for climate control.

2021 will close with a turnover of around 1M € and the forecasts for the following years are for the multiplication of turnover.

In November a crowdfunding campaign on the Opstart platform will be launched, in order to collect liquidity for the implementation of new production plants, the creation of a solid commercial network and the continuation of R&D studies.

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